Published: 24th April 2008
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It's no easy job to get a boat out of the water and to the place where you want to store it. Sure, there are ways, like hand crank pulleys, but that makes for a lot of work. Do you want to hand crank your boat up an incline in order to put it away? Or use a winch? Or do you want something else, like a self-aligning dolly that will roll up the boat on tracks and really help you out.

Fortunately for customers, Wickcraft has created a product that will do just want you need. The Wickcraft boat track system gives customers a rail system which is set right above the ground. This system can run from the top of the ramp down to the dock, where you can load your boat while it sits in the water. The setup is also available for level ground.

Adjusting the boat track system is what makes Wickcraft stand out. With the track sections, which are made of steel, you can determine how long or short you need the whole setup to be. You can also decide whether or not you want to use concrete to make the system permanent or if you just want to have it temporarily on the ground.

Wickcraft has also made these tracks with adjustable legs so that you can have your boat track system sitting on any kind of terrain. Even if it's uneven, the adjustable legs can be changed to deal with that. The legs will also be able to make you boat track system work on an incline. Once you do that, you can have your dolly lift that 5,000-pound boat out of the water and take it where you want.

This boat track system is created in such as way to take the boat out of the water and up to any storage facility, whether it's covered boat storage, a boathouse or a place on your property. The track will take your boat out of the water and up to where you want it to go. The dolly attached to the system will make it easier to load your boat because of its adjustable bunks and aligning arms.

The boat track system's motor is made to be efficient without making much noise. What you want is a smooth haul of your boat out of the water and into your storage facility, not like the jerky movements associated with a trailer and a winch. If you want to continue working on the system, you can add and remove track as needed because of the posi-lock system. A single person can adjust the entire system to their needs.

You need to protect the investment of time and money you've put into your boat and one of the ways to do that is to pull it out of the water and put it away when you need to. That will keep the boat from being banged up by the weather or the water. The Wickcraft system enables the moving to be quick and easy.

Author bio:-Wickcraft has served lake front owners since 1954 by manufacturing the finest, most durable boat docks and piers. Their lake piers, outdoor walkways and marine track systems are made with pride by an experienced, knowledgeable staff. Customer satisfaction is Wickcraft's first priority.

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